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Our Safelist Directory

Below you will find our safelist directory. We have split it up into three categories:

  • Our Recommended Paid Safelists
  • Some Free Safelist Directories
  • Must have Sasfelist Directory Tool

On a side note if you are wondering what is the difference between free and paid and if it's worth joining paid safelists I highly recommend you read Safelist Secrets Revealed... it will teach you every thing you need to know about how to successful market using safelists. Including information like:

  • The difference between Free and Paid Safelists. Find out if it is worth it to join the paid ones?

  • How to write Killer Subjects that get O-P-E-N-E-D! - Remember people are only quickly scanning through their email box before they delete their messages.

  • How to instantly differentiate yourself from all the other people posting to the same lists

  • A safelist SCAM that thousands are falling for and how to make sure you’re not one of them

  • The One Secret that 99.9% of safelist marketers miss

  • The Best Way to Market your Product, MLM or Business Opportunity using safelists.

 To learn more about Safelist Secrets Revealed click here.

Our Recommended Paid Safelists

Ultimate Mailer The Ultimate mailer is among one of the more respected lists out there. The nice thing about the Ultimate Mailer is that you can choose which category you want to mail your ad to. Currently the largest category is Business Opportunities with 28,000+ subscribers (The other categories are considerably smaller).

Business World List Business World List has been around for a while and there is a reason for it. They have a good quality list approaching 30,000 members. As I mentioned already there is a free member option however it only allows you to email to a very small subset of the list. This is a list where it would make sense to upgrade to a paid member so you can email the entire list everyday... but again the nice thing is you get to test the list for free.

The Super Promoter Another descent sized list (nearing 13,000 members), the Pro membership option is quite reasonably priced and allows give you the ability to post to the list everyday.

Herculist This is a list that has grown very quickly in a short period of time which is always a good sign (now 23,000+ members).
I would join this one as a free member then watch your email for special deals on their Pro memberships.

Our Free Safelist Directory Links

Since there are so many free safelists out on the web today... what we have decided to do instead or trying to list them all is just direct you to some of the safelist directories on the Internet.

But the problem with directories like the ones above is that they only link to you a limited number of safelists where there are literaliy thousands of safelist on the internet.

So I was really excited when I found the following must have tool:

It's called the Safelist Directory eBook v3.0. No more looking for safelists!

They are all here in this really cool application.

They search the internet for you looking for thousands of new Web-Based Mailer Safelists so you don't have to and they compiled them into this very easy to use application.

You can click here for more details.